A mustache has over the centuries meant a lot of things. Obviously the most obvious meaning that a mustache has is that a person is a man and he has a lot of it. More than that, a mustache is one of the most interesting hairs and people will more often than not ogle at the man who has one. Kids look up to their elders who have mustaches, not so much because they portray some sort of authority but because they carry with them some sort of a mystery. It is the mysteriousness of this hair that prompts many people to hold a mustache party. Guests will have a lot of fun because they will get a chance to wear all manner of mustaches more so the ones they have always yearned to wear. Here are some of the simple steps that a person will need to follow in order to enjoy a party that has a mustache theme.

  1. The first thing that a person will need to have is obviously to have a love for mustaches. It will be hard to host or even enjoy a party whose theme is mustache. Therefore, for the party to start off in earnest and to also help a person capture the best party mood, they will need to have a genuine love for this hair.

  2. The second step is to ensure that one gets to identify all the friends who love mustaches or love having fun with mustaches! With many people who love the mustache, it becomes quite easy for a mustache party to kick off. The friends can come in handy because they will give ideas and they will also ransack their wardrobes to come with the other mustaches that they have been hiding. A party will not only be made of mustaches but also t-shirts and other costumes. The party will definitely get to the climax if the right costumes are gathered. The best place to get all these is from friends who also happen to give very helpful tips on how to go about the party.

  3. The next stage will involve preparing drinks. One of the best ways by which the guests will enjoy and forever remember the mustache party is if the ice cubes are also part of it. A person will not only need to have ice cubes to cool off the drinks but they should also have stylish ice cubes which capture the theme of the party. A person will need to have a molding frame of mustache so that all the ice cubes that will come out will have the shape of a mustache.

  4. The other stage is to have great cookie cutters that will help one get the best cookies ever. The cookie cutters can be obtained from the local store or they can be borrowed from a friend. In all instances, a cookie cutter that gives a mustache shaped cookie is definitely something that many people will be awed by. By using this tool, the party practically becomes enjoyable for all.

  5. Decorating the cookies and the cupcakes is the other thing that a person will need to work on. Icing and decorating of these flavoury means that careful consideration is taken to know what the guests like. Most of the guests will not mind having a sweet bite but a person will have to factor in those who don’t like overly sugary stuff. The decorating of these cupcakes and cookies will follow from the cutting stage. After cutting lots of mustaches, bunting and props, a person will have a very easy time decorating all the flavoury bites that they get make.

  6. Many people when it comes to decorating a mustache party bite will employ a very simple trick. The one trick that always works is to use construction paper, folding and cutting it and then taping them onto skewers. After doing this, one can rest assured that the greatest toppers will be enjoyed. A person can do this either using the homemade cupcakes and cookies or with the ones that are sold at the local store or bakery. It is important to note that the mustache party will be a total thrill if proper decoration is done on the flavoury bites.

  7. For all the immaculately made food, it is important to also arrange the same properly. Some basic arrangement should be made to ensure that the party kicks off in style and at the same time stays that way to the end. The food’s arrangement should be in a way that accentuates the overall theme.

  8. Drinks are the other things that a person will need to work on when they are preparing a party. One of the best ways to go about drinks is to have mustache straws. This will be exciting because all a person will need to do is to cut out mustache foam and punch a hole in the middle. A straw is then slid in the hole all the way to the glass of whatever drink that a person is taking. The mustache party will also be more exciting if stuff such as popcorns is served.

  9. Many people will have a mustache making station where guests will have to report first to pick the one’s they prefer. The station will have numerous materials that will enable one to make the best looking mustaches. On the other hand, a person will need to leave some materials unused so that for the guests who feel they need to have a specific mustache that is not available, they can easily craft out theirs.

  10. A photo booth is the one thing that will serve as a climax for the guests. The host of a mustache Party will need to have a booth that has all the add-on attires that a person can throw on and which will take little time. A photo booth in most instances will serve as the perfect climax for the guests. A person should not forget to include party favors that always make the guests to relive the party every other day they lay their eyes on the same.